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Writings and Readings Blog

Madhu Bazaz Wangu

Listen to Your Body

The benefits of my recent surgery are many. In my previous post I mentioned the angelic nature of the efficient health workers. In this one I want to emphasize how important it is to listen to your body when it wants (then demands) your attention. My life was seemingly running smoothly. But occasionally the pain in my left knee disrupted the flow. I pushed the disruption aside and behaved as if everything was okay. Instead of doing something about the problem I deluded myself by saying that somehow the pain will go away. Then the pain turned frequent and kept me from functioning at my optimum level. I was unable to sit comfortably to meditate. I couldn’t go up and down the stairs using both legs. I couldn’t stand for for a...

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LovingKindness Meditation

Dear Readers, Physical therapy sessions, though grueling and painful are doing wonders with my healing and recovery. I should be able to get back to my regular routine by early February.  As I lay in bed at home gazing at the ceiling of my room, Jennifer’s posts at ONLINE MINDFUL WRITERS GROUP: on Loving Kindness Meditation made me think of the healthcare workers: nurses, nurses’ aides, physical therapists and so on. How they follow the motions of this practice. Their work is to alleviate pain, discomfort and unease of their patients. Majority of them do their job sincerely and efficiently in an environment where pain is everywhere.  They could have frowned, turned irritable or looked tired but any hardly did. Although the presence of pain was constant and continual they had kind words, soothing gestures and caring attitude...

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Happy New Year!

In the valley of Kashmir, where I was born, there is the tradition of viewing the platter of plenty the first thing in the morning of a New Year. The thaal (platter) includes bowls of milk and yogurt, sugar (or something sweet) and salt, fresh and dry fruit, book/notebook, pen/pencil, gold/money and a mirror. The items are placed over uncooked rice. Other items may include hot chili, pods of tamarind or similar items. At the end of the day each ingredient is transferred back to their containers. Rice symbolizes sustenance and gold/money, abundance. The transformative process of milk turning into yogurt signifies the skill, method, duration and patience it requires for a task to begin, develop and complete. Fresh fruit and flowers celebrate the fullness of life; dry fruit, the passing...

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Feel transported into exciting and adventurous world cultures!

Story Collections and Novels Free!!!

For your holiday enjoyment my debut collection of short stories, CHANCE MEETINGS and the first novel, THE IMMIGRANT WIFE are free!!! AND THE LAST SUTTEE, my second novel and the second collection of short stories, THE OTHER SHORE are 25% off!!! So, if you have not read them yet here is your chance! Here is the link: ...

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Your Hero/Heroine’s Journey

By writing 250-500 words each morning, in a public forum, you can experience a hero’s journey.Here’s how it works:1. You, as a writer are merrily going on your daily routine. (Ordinary World)2. An invitation arrives to be a guest host at Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG). (Call for adventure)3. You don’t want to do it. It makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable. You don’t trust you have time to do it or are worthy of the task. (Refusal of the call)4. An inner voice (or an outer mentor) tugs, you can do it!5. Hesitatingly you agree. (Crossing the threshold)6. Thoughts race in your mind, which topic would I choose. As you write a rough draft your hand trembles. (Tests)7. The golden thread of the Writing Meditation Practice guides you. (Allies)...

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Invitation to Host OMWG 2023

Dear Writers, Would you like to join Mindful Writers and Poets who plan to host Online Mindful Writers Group at in 2023? ONLY THREE SPOTS LEFT: Jennifer D. Diamond January Deborah Catanese February Denise Weaver March Donna Lucas April Lorraine Bonzelet May Madhu Bazaz Wangu June Mike Morley July August September Fritze Roberts October November Amy Baverso December As there are only three spaces left, pick one of the remaining months before it is too late. Let me know by commenting below or massage me. I asked the 2022 hosts, “In what way has hosting OMWG been beneficial to you? Here are some of the responses: Deborah Catanese:I find writing for OMWG of like-minded writers to be expansive in that it makes me strive for excellence, soothing in that giving to this group always results in returned support and incentive, and satisfaction in knowing I...

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SHELL HOUSE: Mindful Writers Retreat Series IV

Thrilling News!Mindful Writers Retreat Series, SHELL HOUSE eBook is on sale for $0.99! All proceeds go to the MERR Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and sea turtles located in Shell House’s beautiful setting of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware! The twenty-three-story collection, SHELL HOUSE is replete with various genres: Humor, Fantasy, Magic, Science Fiction, Family Relationships, Romance. All stories are inspired by the 100 years old mansion known as “Shell House” located on Rehoboth Beach.   My contribution to the collection is the story, “Life in the Mirror.” As I studied the one-hundred-year-old sprawling mansion with balconies, corridors, Victorian furniture, manicured gardens, beach in the front and wilderness at the back I began to hear the haunting sounds of a sorrowful voice as if searching for itself. The story wrote...

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LOVES OF KRISHNA, Linoleum Prints

I made a series of linoleum prints in 1978 titled, "Loves of Krishna." They depicted Hindu god Krishna with his love Radha in various settings. I haven't made any new linoleum prints since. But I thought you may enjoy looking at these three. They are from my art archives of prints, paintings and drawings. ...

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