Just Write! | Sit in comfortable surroundings and daydream in words
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Just Begin!

Day dream in your journal: Just write!

Just Begin!

Sit comfortably, type on your laptop or handwrite in your journal, just begin!

Words will come–slowly but certainly.

You’re ready. I know it. You know it. You’ve come to grips with the truth—that far too often you let your emotions, moods, and obstacles direct your writing process and progress. I know life can be really hard and you have many things vying for your attention, but you owe your writing it’s due as well as everything else. So, do yourself a favor and preorder UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW: 12 MONTHS OF MINDFULNESS FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS now! It’s a comprehensive plan with me as your personal guide, walking you through the process of changing your frame of mind in order to change the way you approach your work. The world deserves to read your book. Now’s the time to get it done.

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