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Join us and learn everything you wanted to know about meditation and mindfulness.

What is Meditation?

Have you wondered what Meditation and Mindfulness is all about?Now is the time to find out.Starting tomorrow we are going to focus on Mediation: its magnitude and significance.Join us at: ...

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Happy New Year

Sowing: 12 Months of Mindfulness

Happy New Year! May you be blessed with health, joy, contentment! May you have gratitude for all that is! Today we begin our yearlong journey of Mindfulness at Online Mindful Writers Group. For details visit: http://: This month we will focus on writing in a notebook, also called journaling. In your journal you reflect and clarify your daily intention that leads to the monthly goal. Sincere intentions turn from doing to being. Visualize them, keep working at them, and watch them become your reality. At times you may not have time to write in your notebook but always keep your intentions and month’s goal at the back of your mind. The place you have selected for your daily reflection and journaling is your Sacred Power Spot. It is the coziest and safest...

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Explore Mindfulness, Unblock Your Creative Flow

The journey to explore mindfulness and unblock your creative flow begins tomorrow! Join me on this adventure at Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG) at: Last day to buy Unblock Your Creative Flow eBook 50% off at Smashwords: New Year Eve #happyholidays #vibrantoldage #joyous #contentment #Journaling #travelinglife #travelphotography #travel #retirementcommunity #oldageandhealth #oldageandpeace #retirementplanning #mindfulness #meditation #traveltheworld #selfunderstanding #selfawareness #attention #writingcommunity #creativitymatters #painting #art #musicislife #nonverbalactivities ...

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Machu Picchu & Galapagos Islands

Dear Friends and Readers,The early morning of September 22 (6:00 am), Manoj and I will be on the flight to Lima, the first stop of our journey through Peru and Equador. The access to WiFi would be limited until October 9, the day we come back. I will not be able to share my adventures during these travels but after my return home I’ll certainly post the photos and short pieces for you to enjoy. IN PERU:Cusco high in the Peruvian AndesThe Sacred Valley of the IncasMachu PicchuThe Andean Baroque Route IN EQUADOR:Galapagos IslandDarwin BaySantiago IslandFernandina and Isabela IslandsPuerto Ayora and Isla Santa FeBahia Gardner and Punta SuarezCerro Brujo, San Cristobal I’m familiar with only two names in the list above, Machu Picchu and Galapagos Islands. The rest of the places are new...

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LOOK WHAT I RECEIVED TODAY! Reader's Favorite 5-star review! Reviewed by Asher Syed for Readers’ Favorite Author Madhu Bazaz Wangu, Ph.D., offers a systematic 365-day program in her self-help book Unblock Your Creative Flow: 12 Months of Mindfulness for Writers and Artists. The book aims to increase the creativity and productivity of those in the fields of writing and art. In order to help people reach and maximize their full creative potential. . . This all-encompassing strategy takes into account a person's bodily, mental, and spiritual needs to enable intentional and meaningful living. “An inner journey like this that you have chosen to walk upon demands commitment,” says Dr. Madhu Bazaz Wangu, but I can assure you that Unblock Your Creative Flow rarely feels like a book of self-help chores. Yes, commitment is essential...

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Cherry Blossom, Ashby Ponds

Mindfulness Matters and Refirement (Cont.) We had been in search for a comfortable house in beautiful surroundings with conveniences our age (we’re in our mid-seventies) requires. Our daughter helped us find this haven of a neighborhood called Ashby Ponds in Ashburn, Virginia. I wonder which Pennwriters Area is Loudon County, Virginia.  We have visited Ashby Ponds several times and once stayed for two nights to get a feel for the place. We loved everything about it. Spacious and sunny apartments. Meticulously maintained lawns with fountains and ponds. None of the building is more than four or five story high and most have a restaurant on the first floor. The food is tasty and nutritious. Of course I’d cook in our fully equipped kitchen but if there are days I rather not, I...

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From Mindful Path to Mindfulness

From Mindful Path to Mindful Writers Groups

From Mindful Path to Mindful Writers Groups (Cont.) One of ways in which invisible realities that our eyes can’t see, ears can’t hear and mind can’t comprehend are made visible, audible and comprehensive by creativity and imagination. I believe creativity is rooted in spirituality. Like creation of life, artworks seemingly conjure from nowhere and nothing. I am the one who writes or paints but the process itself is guided by an inner source from which new ideas bubble forth. At the same time, the universe assists by sending cues and clues. Once birthed, an artwork has a life of its own. To be able to create one must be completely devoted and dedicated to one’s art whatever it may be. As an author I have a morning routine that I have diligently...

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Looking at my Reflection

Self Contemplation

From Carefree to a Mindful Path (Cont.) Creating collage-drawings gave me some closure. A new chapter of my life began. Experiencing birth and death simultaneously had morphed my sensibility. I started to meditate when I was teaching at the University of Pittsburgh and began writing daily in a journal after my 50th birthday. I’ve described what, why and how of these two disciplines in my latest work, Unblock Your Creative Flow: 12 Months of Mindfulness for Writers and Artists. (Published April 2023).  In time, I was able to link what was going on outside me with what was going inside. The daily practice helped me integrate my body, heart and mind with the spirit which I called my Authentic Self. I was on my path to become whole. Curiosity about human condition of...

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My Path to Mindfulness

My Path to Mindfulness (Cont.) After the first death anniversaries of my loved ones, I composed two collages as an obeisance to my parents and a homage to my brother. The drawing/collage of my brother was more about his short life—an individual who loved to travel by ship, by plane, on his scooter, who made everyone he met happy, and who himself was carefree. After his accident I felt as if a brilliant section of the sun was severed off to light up the world wherever he had gone. I depicted my parents juxtaposed on the façade of a shrine, a curtain veiling them from me. Their essence in a realm where human senses do not function. After they passed away, I felt their essence had merged with the elements. When I...

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Are You Mindful of Your Life?

You do what you do but have you begun work on the most important project of you life? Your own life--the project without which none of the other projects would matter. The second half of your life is one of the greatest projects you will ever complete. Look at the photo in which you were half the age you are now. What has changed for the better, what has remained the same, what would you like to change? Photos: Pittsburgh's International Folk Festival (The booth constructed by my husband, Manoj and mural painted by me) ...

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