Sowing: 12 Months of Mindfulness | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Sowing: 12 Months of Mindfulness

Happy New Year

Sowing: 12 Months of Mindfulness

Happy New Year!

May you be blessed with health, joy, contentment! May you have gratitude for all that is!

Today we begin our yearlong journey of Mindfulness at Online Mindful Writers Group. For details visit: http://:

This month we will focus on writing in a notebook, also called journaling. In your journal you reflect and clarify your daily intention that leads to the monthly goal. Sincere intentions turn from doing to being. Visualize them, keep working at them, and watch them become your reality. At times you may not have time to write in your notebook but always keep your intentions and month’s goal at the back of your mind.

The place you have selected for your daily reflection and journaling is your Sacred Power Spot. It is the coziest and safest place in the world. Keep returning to it daily. Here is where you mobilize your wildest dreams, your innermost thoughts and feelings, as you journal. You have been given the boon of 365 days, four seasons. The winter months are the time for slowing down, reflection, introspection, and learning to be patient. 

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