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Online Mindful Writers Group

Matters of Mindfulness and More

Matters of Mindfulness, Mindful Writers Groups and More (Cont.) At the end of October, we are moving from Wexford, Pennsylvania to Ashburn, Virginia to be closer to our daughter. Never has mindfulness been more helpful to me than it is now. Moving to a new home from the one where you have lived for thirty years is believed to be a traumatic experience as traumatic as death of a loved one, divorce, major illness or job loss. The in-between period can overwhelm you, bring you down or depress you. But with mindfulness as my tool I’m going through such a negative experience with self-awareness and loving attention to the tasks at hand. And to my own surprise I feel no stress, regrets or nostalgia midst all this emotional disarray. Remember me, the one...

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From Mindful Path to Mindfulness

From Mindful Path to Mindful Writers Groups

From Mindful Path to Mindful Writers Groups (Cont.) One of ways in which invisible realities that our eyes can’t see, ears can’t hear and mind can’t comprehend are made visible, audible and comprehensive by creativity and imagination. I believe creativity is rooted in spirituality. Like creation of life, artworks seemingly conjure from nowhere and nothing. I am the one who writes or paints but the process itself is guided by an inner source from which new ideas bubble forth. At the same time, the universe assists by sending cues and clues. Once birthed, an artwork has a life of its own. To be able to create one must be completely devoted and dedicated to one’s art whatever it may be. As an author I have a morning routine that I have diligently...

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On A Mindful Path (Cont.)

On A Mindful Path (Cont.) Not until I was in my mid 50’s did I felt a need to ask myself, is this all there is? The question had taken a permanent seat at the back of my mind since my voyage around the world. The things that had excited me once no longer did.  With the practice of Writing Meditation, the braided practice of journaling, meditation, deep reading, nonverbal activities and, of course writing, I was on my way to integrating my fragmented self. In time, the practice helped me connect to the spiritual space within, my inner guide, my true Self.  Many of you already know that our true self is the inner compass that dwells within us. It points us toward the right direction only after we harness with it...

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Genesis and Growth of a Novel

I'd love you to join me today and the rest of the week to read my posts about a topic that fascinates me—the genesis and development of a work of fiction. What makes a writer devote months, if not years, filled with passion, purpose and one pointed attention to create a fictional dream? What drives us as we keep revising draft after draft until the final manuscript is completed?  I'm sharing the genesis and growth of my novel, THE LAST SUTTEE at Online Mindful Writers Group #mindfulness #meditation #journaling #reading#writing #visual arts #research #attention #Awareness #Authentic Self  #Dailywritingprompt #silence and solitude #Awe and Wonder #Transformation #Imagination #Creativity #Self-Contemplation #Self-Improvement #Motivation #Inspiration #Self-Help #Daily Guidebook #Fictionwriting #Suttee #Women’srights #Genderequality  Please follow my: Author Page: @Madhu.WanguBookbub: @Madhu-Bazaz-WanguFacebook: @MadhuBazazWangu Links for my paperback and eBooks:  Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Books: ...

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Meditating Buddha as the Healer

The Buddha Image

The Buddha's images we are familiar with do not represent the historic prince Siddhartha who after his enlightenment became known as Gautama Buddha. They are symbolic representation of the great teacher. At the age of 29, legend says, Siddhartha left his expansive palace for the first time. Walking through the town with his charioteer, Channa he saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse being carried to the cremation ground and a monk under a tree in meditation. He asked Channa to explain what was wrong with the people he had seen and who was only healthy man in saffron color robes. The charioteer truthfully explained the sights. The price was traumatized and right away decided to follow the way of the monk. As the price he had long hair,...

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My Mother, !978

Mummai, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mummai, my mother, was the most generous, compassionate and humble individual like the one I still have to meet. In this portrait, I painted her in a sari with a climber with foliage and multi-colored flowers because she spread blooms of generosity and kindness to every place she walked in. The trees in the background with red blossoms and young plants growing in the foreground reflect the love she bestowed on her nine children and then nourished and cared (with help) for the grandchildren while her sons and daughters-in-law were at work. ...

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Reviews and Ratings

Early Reviews:

EARLY REVIEWS FOR UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW Dear Mindful Writers, your response for my recent work has overwhelmed me. I am so grateful! Lorraine Bonzelet, Deborah Catanese, Jennifer D. Diamond, Karen Fatica Geiger, Kimberly Hon Kurth-Gray, Hilary Hauck, Eileen Enwright Hodgetts, Sherren Elias Pensiero, Fritze Roberts, James J Robinson Jr., and Martha Swiss for five star reviews! Carol Schoenig and Linda Schmitmeyer for five star ratings! Thank you so much to all of you for posting your gracious five star reviews for UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW: 12 MONTHS OF MINDFULNESS FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS at Goodreads! If anyone else has read the book and would like to post a rating or a review please post it at: Goodreads: BookBub: Barnes and Noble: Rakuten Kobo: Apple iBooks With love, Madhu ...

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Tools to Unblock Creativity

Unblock Your Creative Flow: Preorder

Writer friends: Are you tired of slogging through another half-finished manuscript or being weighed under all the excuses for not getting started? What is ailing your writing life? If you are finally ready to take your desire to write a book all the way to “The End,” I have written a guidebook that would lead you to your “cure.” Preorder link: My latest book, UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW: 12 MONTHS OF MINDFULNESS FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS and all who want to live a better life will guide you to learn the Five Disciplines that will make your dream come true!  Hilary Hauck writes, “Mindful Writing Practice has transformed my creative process and this book will elevate it higher still.” Eileen Enwright Hodgetts calls, UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW “A Life-changing volume” that unlocks“not just...

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