The Other Shore: Ordinary People Grappling with Extraordinary Challenges | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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The Other Shore: Ordinary People Grappling with Extraordinary Challenges

In the story collection The Other Shore: Ordinary People Grappling with Extraordinary Challenges by Madhu Bazaz Wangu, we meet ordinary people who grapple with extraordinary challenges—a precarious balance between the love of life, the inevitability of death and the connection between humans and nature.

Some tales hover between reality and fantasy, while others make a comment about customs and tradition, social prejudice, altruism and kindness, ambitions and failures, and failures resulting in transformation. The stories come alive with characters of Indian descent, their American friends, and people living all around the globe.

Stories by Genre and Theme

Magic Realism

The Other Shore
Magic Box
Tree Talk
Cadmium and Crimson

Women’s Fiction

The Dowry Brides
People We Don’t Know
Beggar Woman
An Unfulfilled Dream


A Chance Meeting
An American Dialogue

Old Fashioned Romance

Unrequited Love
A Hike Through the Woods
Book Lovers


Secret Healer
I Nourish the Universe
The Blackened Mirror
Silence Heard

Fear of Death

Oh, Wow!
Sound of Falling Leaves    

Heartwarming and beautiful tales to enrich our lives and bring a soft glow to our souls.
Lisa Diane Kastner, Author/Founder of Running Wild Press and RIZE

Madhu Wangu is part gentle guru, part teasing sprite, and part firm realist in this wide-ranging collection of lovely stories. The stories are rich with surprise turns and unexpected outcomes, convincingly presented by a gifted and skilled teller of tales. This volume will definitely be worth your time.
Timons Esaias, Writer and Poet

Exquisite and immersive. The language–every word–is specially selected to evoke a particular place or time. Wangu’s characters confront obstacles with a combination of optimism and realism about what life has handed them. Love is most prominent throughout. Whether a story about the secret life of trees or the roller coaster of a couple on a hike gone wrong or characters locked in marital or familial “prisons,” Wangu teases out the gorgeousness of all facets of life. A must read. Get it now.
Kathleen Shoop Award-winning, bestselling author

The sheer beauty of Dr. Wangu’s writing is a joy in and of itself. She is able to capture the essence and resilience of the human spirit.
Abigail Drake, Award-Winning Author

The title alone might well be an anthem for [2020-2021] during which our worries have expanded as our worlds have contracted, and our travel has been limited to our living rooms and reading nooks. Dr. Wangu takes us to lands both exotic and familiar, to real-life locals as well as places where magic rules. What unites all of the stories is their ability to guide us on the greatest journey of all–the journey inward. The Other Shore is a potent reminder of the power of fiction to restore and transform.
Meredith Mileti, author of Aftertaste: A Novel in Five Courses