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LOVES OF KRISHNA, Linoleum Prints

I made a series of linoleum prints in 1978 titled, "Loves of Krishna." They depicted Hindu god Krishna with his love Radha in various settings. I haven't made any new linoleum prints since. But I thought you may enjoy looking at these three. They are from my art archives of prints, paintings and drawings. ...

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Books on Sale! Enjoy your Summer! Read!

Mere fun reading is out. Here's what is in: entertaining, enlightening, and transformative books. Have enjoyable and unforgettable summer months! All my ibooks are on sale at except CHANCE MEETINGS. It is free! Here's the link: ...

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Mindful Writers Fourth Retreat Anthology I received my copy of SHELL HOUSE, the fourth anthology by twenty-three Mindful Writers. At first, I thought to save the book to read during our summer vacation to Canadian Rockies while traveling by Rocky Mountaineer Train. But when it arrived I couldn't wait. I read the first story, then the second and couldn't stop reading. It has turned into my bedtime read. Fantastic!   My story, "Life in the Mirror" is about how fanciful and implausible events occur if creativity is suppressed. This is my first story with the "Fantasy" theme. What about ordering your own copy? Here's the link: ...

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Spiritually Fired? Light Others!

To the quote below I would add that while lighting another candle it flares brighter. It turns wiser by teaching. So keep giving of yourself. Disseminate the knowledge you have, share your surplus, keep your heart open. Then watch your days turning happier and more satisfying. ...

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Honored Guest Hosts Finalized

I am delighted to share the complete list of the honored guest-hosts (writers, artists, poets, film makers, editors) who are leading OMWG in 2022! Jennifer D. Diamond (January) Deborah Catanese (February) Lorraine Bonzelet (March) Gloria Muhly Baer Bostic (April) Stephanie Keyes (May) Lisa Hering (June) Shahrukh Husain (July) Madhu Bazaz Wangu (August) Hilary Hauck (September) Wende Dikec (October) Jennifer D. Diamond (November) Fritze Roberts (December) 2022 will the most fascinating year to date. If you are interested in leading the group for a month in 2023 please email or message me. Thank you so much in advance! With love, Madhu ...

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Volunteers Needed to Lead Online Mindful Writers Group

Good Morning Writer Friends! You may or may not be familiar with my Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG) where I and my guests post inspiring and motivating piece each morning. Check it out at:  For the previous years weekly guest-hosts and I have been taking turns to write daily posts but this year, our fifth we have a different format. Talented mindful writers from different genres are hosting and posting for one month each. Would you like to host a month at OMWG? Let me know. In the book, Powers of Two, Joshua Wolf Shenk banishes the idea of solitary genius and demonstrates that our richest works comes from collaboration. At OMWG it is not power of just one or two but power of many that is the real driver of creativity...

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The Other Shore

Each Story a Gem

"Each story is a gem," says Eileen Hodgetts in her review for THE OTHER SHORE, a collection of twenty stories. Here is her complete review: "Madhu Wangu writes from a unique perspective reflecting her current life in United States and her roots in India. Her new book of short stories is a treasure trove of thought provoking ideas. The stories are grouped beginning with a collection of tales that are deeply mythic and calming to the spirit . The later stories move through tales of life in India to tales of life in the United States. For me the most moving stories were gathered in the section of Dowry Brides and the shock of finding that even highly educated Indian women can be held captive by tradition and become domestic slaves...

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Guest This Week: Kathleen Shoop

Hygge is about being kind to yourself—giving yourself a treat, and giving yourself, and each other, a break from the demands of healthy living. Sweets are hyggelige. Cake is hyggelige. Coffee or hot chocolate are hyggeligt, too. Carrot sticks, not so much… it should not be something fancy or extravagant. Foie gras is not hyggeligt. . . ...

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