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Nonverbal Activities

Dull Axe Verses Sharp Axe

Lorraine Bonzelet, who is leading Online Mindful Writers Group this month inspires and reflect on the topic of "Mindfulness and Nonverbal Activities." (Full story at OMWG: For the last six years, arduous transitions left her feeling chocked-- as if a rope around her neck was being pulled tighter and tighter. The choking was not only taking away her will power but seemed to deprive her of oxygen. One of the many reasons was that she had stopped pausing and "sharpening her axe." Instead she kept chopping the tree of her difficult situations with a blunt axe. When she couldn't stand the pressure she forced herself to walk--for hours, at times even run to the point of exhaustion. The rope began to loosen, usually falling away completely. She decided to find...

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Mindfulness and Nonverbal Activities

Mindful Writers, few hours a day give yourself a break from writing for hours and hours on your laptop or in a notebook. Turn your attention on the activities which do not use words. When you do so the universe blesses you with insights and ideas about your work in progress. When you are engaged in nonverbal activities new ideas float, creative sparks ignite as you sit in silence, walk in nature, cook, fold laundry, drive, listen to music, make art, dance, play with clay and so on. Mindful Writer Lorraine Bonzelet draws breath. Ready with her drawing pad and colored pencils, she draws a line up the page as she inhales, holds the breath for a few seconds as she moves the pencil over a bit. Then she exhales...

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