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Writings and Readings Blog

Madhu Bazaz Wangu

Are You Mindful of Your Life?

You do what you do but have you begun work on the most important project of you life? Your own life--the project without which none of the other projects would matter. The second half of your life is one of the greatest projects you will ever complete. Look at the photo in which you were half the age you are now. What has changed for the better, what has remained the same, what would you like to change? Photos: Pittsburgh's International Folk Festival (The booth constructed by my husband, Manoj and mural painted by me) ...

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Fearless Kumud

Sometimes don't you want to scream, "Enough is enough?" And then something worse happens! How do you feel? What do you do? Read and find out how Kumud felt and what she did out of extreme desperation. Barnes and Noble: Kobo: ...

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Genesis and Growth of a Novel

I'd love you to join me today and the rest of the week to read my posts about a topic that fascinates me—the genesis and development of a work of fiction. What makes a writer devote months, if not years, filled with passion, purpose and one pointed attention to create a fictional dream? What drives us as we keep revising draft after draft until the final manuscript is completed?  I'm sharing the genesis and growth of my novel, THE LAST SUTTEE at Online Mindful Writers Group #mindfulness #meditation #journaling #reading#writing #visual arts #research #attention #Awareness #Authentic Self  #Dailywritingprompt #silence and solitude #Awe and Wonder #Transformation #Imagination #Creativity #Self-Contemplation #Self-Improvement #Motivation #Inspiration #Self-Help #Daily Guidebook #Fictionwriting #Suttee #Women’srights #Genderequality  Please follow my: Author Page: @Madhu.WanguBookbub: @Madhu-Bazaz-WanguFacebook: @MadhuBazazWangu Links for my paperback and eBooks:  Barnes and Noble: Kobo: Books: ...

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Meditating Buddha as the Healer

The Buddha Image

The Buddha's images we are familiar with do not represent the historic prince Siddhartha who after his enlightenment became known as Gautama Buddha. They are symbolic representation of the great teacher. At the age of 29, legend says, Siddhartha left his expansive palace for the first time. Walking through the town with his charioteer, Channa he saw an old man, a sick man, a corpse being carried to the cremation ground and a monk under a tree in meditation. He asked Channa to explain what was wrong with the people he had seen and who was only healthy man in saffron color robes. The charioteer truthfully explained the sights. The price was traumatized and right away decided to follow the way of the monk. As the price he had long hair,...

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My Mother, !978

Mummai, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mummai, my mother, was the most generous, compassionate and humble individual like the one I still have to meet. In this portrait, I painted her in a sari with a climber with foliage and multi-colored flowers because she spread blooms of generosity and kindness to every place she walked in. The trees in the background with red blossoms and young plants growing in the foreground reflect the love she bestowed on her nine children and then nourished and cared (with help) for the grandchildren while her sons and daughters-in-law were at work. ...

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Memories of being a professional artist. This photo was taken at one of the art galleries in Pittsburgh at my solo exhibition. My father modeled for me patiently for several days while I painted his life-size portrait. ...

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Unblock Your Creative Flow

Buy Now!

Please follow one of the following links for getting your print or eBook: Barnes and Noble: Kobo: ...

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Available Now!!!

Available Now!

Happy and Healthy Earth Day to All!What an auspicious day to release my new publication, UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW: 12 MONTHS OF MINDFULNESS FOR WRITERS AND ARTISTS! Please follow one of the following links for getting your print and iBook from:  Barnes and Noble: Kobo: website: www.MadhuBazazWangu.comApple Books  If you have already ordered it at Amazon please cancel your pre-sale order. I apologize for any inconvenience it may cause." ...

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Cover Reveal and Pre-order


Unblock Your Creative Flow: 12 Months of Mindfulness for Writers and Artists. RELEASE DAY--April 22. Only a week left! You may buy the book from any of the following outlets: Barnes and Noble: Rakuten Kobo: Smashwords: BookBub: And don't miss what the reviewers are saying about UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW! Excerpts from Readers’ Reviews on Goodreads: "An absolute must . . . The best technical guide on the craft of writing or artistic techniques. Madhu delivers an enlightening, engaging, and achievable practice . . . each day delivers gems of wisdom wrapped in gorgeous prose . . . give yourself the gift of Unblock Your Creative Flow and witness the wondrous things it will guide you to achieve." "UNBLOCK YOUR CREATIVE FLOW . . . should be on every artist’s shelf—a truly comprehensive guide." "Takes on...

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