Each Story a Gem | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Each Story a Gem

The Other Shore

Each Story a Gem

“Each story is a gem,” says Eileen Hodgetts in her review for THE OTHER SHORE, a collection of twenty stories.

Here is her complete review:

“Madhu Wangu writes from a unique perspective reflecting her current life in United States and her roots in India. Her new book of short stories is a treasure trove of thought provoking ideas. The stories are grouped beginning with a collection of tales that are deeply mythic and calming to the spirit . The later stories move through tales of life in India to tales of life in the United States. For me the most moving stories were gathered in the section of Dowry Brides and the shock of finding that even highly educated Indian women can be held captive by tradition and become domestic slaves or even worse. There is a calm strength to all of these stories. The author does not glory in violence and abuse, or strive for sensationalism but in their own quiet way she presents us with stories that are in fact sensational. Each and every story is a gem to be explored over and over again. Each reading will reveal a new facet of the story. Thoroughly recommended for the thoughtful reader.”

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