Web Book Tour Begins: Miki’s Hope book review | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Web Book Tour Begins: Miki’s Hope book review

Vintage suitcase and traveling gear

Web Book Tour Begins: Miki’s Hope book review

Today, I begin Day 1 of a web book tour. This will be my first tour and I will be virtually visiting England and the United States until June 15.  Over this period, I will visit 15 websites for interviews and reviews. I am excited to have so many opportunities to entertain, inform and enlighten new readers about art, spirituality, and the evil and good in all of us.

Throughout the tour, I will share stories from this experience. I encourage you to visit these blogs and websites I am touring, and to share them with others. Each of these writers and readers has a unique perspective to share with us.

We begin the tour in Beck Valley, at Miki’s Hope: http://www.mikishope.com/2015/06/signed-book-ga-3-ww-chance-meetings.html.  Thank you, Miki’s Hope, for your thoughtful review of Chance Meetings!

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