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Web Book Tour Begins: Miki’s Hope book review

Today, I begin Day 1 of a web book tour. This will be my first tour and I will be virtually visiting England and the United States until June 15.  Over this period, I will visit 15 websites for interviews and reviews. I am excited to have so many opportunities to entertain, inform and enlighten new readers about art, spirituality, and the evil and good in all of us. Throughout the tour, I will share stories from this experience. I encourage you to visit these blogs and websites I am touring, and to share them with others. Each of these writers and readers has a unique perspective to share with us. We begin the tour in Beck Valley, at Miki’s Hope:  Thank you, Miki’s Hope, for your thoughtful review of Chance Meetings!...

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CHANCE MEETINGS is published!

Chance Meetings: Stories About Cross-Cultural Karmic Collisions and Compassion is inspired by my life as an artist, a professor of Indian art history and a dilettante commentator of Asian scriptures. The diverse tracks that I had followed until my early-fifties coalesced and stimulated these stories. Some stories were sparked from my life as an artist. “Gauri’s Freedom” is one such story. Its protagonist, Gauri, an aspiring artist faces colossal obstacles. She struggles to pacify and overcome rebuff from her family but in vain. In “The Blackened Mirror,” the fame and fortune a painter dreams about becomes a reality only to reveal its destructive side. Jealousy and competitiveness is the dominant emotion in “Cadmium and Crimson.” My youngest brother was killed in an automobile accident in India when I was in my thirties....

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