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Invitation to Host OMWG 2023

Invitation to Host OMWG 2023

Dear Writers,

Would you like to join Mindful Writers and Poets who plan to host Online Mindful Writers Group at in 2023?


Jennifer D. Diamond January

Deborah Catanese February

Denise Weaver March

Donna Lucas April

Lorraine Bonzelet May

Madhu Bazaz Wangu June

Mike Morley July



Fritze Roberts October


Amy Baverso December

As there are only three spaces left, pick one of the remaining months before it is too late. Let me know by commenting below or massage me.

I asked the 2022 hosts, “In what way has hosting OMWG been beneficial to you?

Here are some of the responses:

Deborah Catanese:
I find writing for OMWG of like-minded writers to be expansive in that it makes me strive for excellence, soothing in that giving to this group always results in returned support and incentive, and satisfaction in knowing I too have made a contribution to a group that has helped me so much in my endeavors to both create and develop more awareness.

Jennifer Diamond: It is a joy to host OMWG! I enjoy planning the posts which allows me to dig deeper into my own mindful practice, to commit to the practice in a powerful and meaningful way. I also enjoy reading other hosts’ posts. The comments from the group members shed light on the topics shared. They bring me a feeling of community and self-acceptance in a gentle and compassionate manner. The feeling of community and connection abound!

Lisa Hering:

Hosting OMWG gave me courage to continue writing even when I didn’t feel like. It was a commitment I held strong. Some days it was easy and some days it was not. It forced me into a routine, reminded me what deadlines are, and gave me time for genuine talk between real writers. To write so many posts, I really had to reach deep. The hardest part was spending time on it each day but the greatest part just one person saying they needed to hear what I said or my post changed their outlook or made them feel better. If I look back and ask, “Am I glad for the experience?” I’d say, “Yes!!”

Stephanie Keyes:
Hosting the Online Mindful Writers Group is a great way to connect with and support others in the writing community. I felt as though I made friends around the world during my month!

Gloria Muhly Baer Bostic:
I enjoyed hosting OMWG primarily because of the connection with others. Sharing our thoughts, feelings, and knowledge helps us all to learn and grow stronger together. I loved the rewarding feedback.

Thank you for volunteering!

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