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FREE!!! Story Collection: CHANCE MEETINGS

FREE!!! Story Collection: CHANCE MEETINGS

FREE!!! My first collection of stories, CHANCE MEETINGS is free from March 7-14 at


Twelve fascinating stories!
Twelve fascinating stories, I thought I would read one at a time, but when I began, I couldn’t put the book down until I finished all twelve. The author definitely lived this life. I could feel it as though I was there.You won’t want to miss this. (Patrick J DiCesare)

An Oasis of Calm in a Chaotic World
Chance Meetings, Madhu Wangu’s volume of short stories offers the reader a chance to see that our lives, however small, are not without purpose.
As a woman who is both Indian and American, Wangu writes from a unique perspective. I learned a great deal from these simple stories and I came to a greater understanding of how it is to be an Indian woman in American culture. Wangu’s stories are simple without being simplistic. She does not involve the reader in convoluted stories, or improbable plot twists, but each story contains its own deeper meaning in the clash of cultures and the realization of karma. Many of Wangu’s stories involve abuse, physical abuse of an Indian orphan, mental abuse of an immigrant wife, or the intangible abuse when an artist is forced to suppress their creativity, but the abuser is never triumphant. Her heroes and heroines are people of great inner strength.
This is a great book to take on a journey. Dip into the short stories one at a time and emerge refreshed. Sit at the airport and look at the people around you, and then consider the possibilities the cross cultural karma, collisions and compassion that Wangu describes so vividly. I look forward to reading the full-length novel she promises us in the final pages of the book. (Eileen Hodgetts)

Splendid Dialogue that Rings True
Madhu Bazaz Wangu’s book of short stories “Chance Meetings” is a thoughtful read. Short stories are so difficult to craft, and this collection has succeeded! This book, with its universal themes, transcends boundaries and cultures. The stories evoke a sensibility that is both aesthetic and contemplative. Ever the educator, Dr. Wangu’s intent here is to teach, to make her voice heard, to make us think and, above all, to allow us to delight in the splendid dialogue that rings so true. Make this a Xmas gift to those you care for. As a bonus, she provides a glimpse into her next work, a novel entitled “The Immigrant Wife,” which I am looking forward to reading. (Amita Priesser)

A treasure for both the heart and the mind.
Each story in Chance Meetings is a delight, a treasure for both the heart and the mind. From the first page of this book, I was drawn in, mesmerized, by both the storytelling magic of Madhu Wangu and by the lush, beautiful writing. Once I began a story, I found I couldn’t put the book down until I finished it. In “Cadmium and Crimson”, I’ll never forget the explanation of “the little deaths” – events in our lives that sadden us and yet teach us important lessons. And when I read “A Precious Gift”, I sobbed, feeling Sheela’s pain at the loss of her son as if it were my own. This book isn’t just a collection of short stories. It’s like viewing snapshots of a stranger’s life, and yet being able to step into those photographs and experience that life yourself. An amazing experience, and a beautiful and unforgettable book from a remarkably talented writer. (Wende Dikec)

  • Jennifer D. Diamond

    Beautiful and well-deserved reviews of your beautiful collection of stories, Madhu! Thank you for offering them for FREE!

    March 9, 2021 at 10:52 am

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