A Welcome Note | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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A Welcome Note

A Welcome Note

Welcome to Our Website!

Breathe deeply and feel comfortable. This is our spiritual space, our power spot. Breathe slowly and consciously and feel at home. 

I have met some of you here and many more at Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG). If you are not familiar with our Online Group please click the OMWG button, “Visit and Join” at the top of the Home Page and get redirected to the Group. 

We have been together for several years now exchanging ideas, sharing life experiences and giving and receiving encouragement and insights. Let’s continue our journey of self-discovery, of connecting with the Authentic Self and harnessing the miraculous energies that dwell within each one of us.

Please remember to sign up at the end of this page to be updated on new blog posts and receive occasional newsletter. Starting January 1, 2021, join me every day here to read inspiring and spiritually uplifting short pieces and snippets from our readers and other mindful writers. 

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