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Writing in Solitude; Writing with the Mindful Writers Group

Writing in Solitude; Writing with the Mindful Writers Group

Until 2010, for twenty-five years I wrote alone in the solitude of my study. Every weekday my writer’s voice emerged as I meditated, wrote in a journal and worked on my projects. The daily practice helped me overcome my fears, my internal critic and writer’s blocks. I wrote for long hours, my writing improved and I was able to liberate my authentic voice from self-doubt. The practice resulted in Writing Meditation Method. I decided to share it with other writers.  

In March 2011, I started the Mindful Writers Group. Lori M. Jones and four other writers joined me on this journey.  Once a week we wrote together. Since then, writing with others has enriched my experience of writing in more than one way.

Over the last two and a half years I have discovered that collective energy of the group feeds and nourishes each writer’s creativity. I feel charged with the cumulative energy of the group. Unaware of my surroundings, yet the presence of other writers pushes me, persuades me to go deeper. Excavating within–exploring unique visions in the deep dark chambers inside me, I use words to actualize my fictional dream. Meaningful sentences and paragraphs emerge as new ideas.  At the end of the session I feel exhilaration. I am invigorated and have gathered enough momentum to write for the rest of the weekdays.  The thought that next week once again I will write with the Group puts an iridescent sheen on my daily writing schedule.  

At writers’ conferences and seminars people ask me, “How do you negotiate between your need for solitude and desire for contact with community of writers?”

My immediate answer is, “By writing once a week with the Mindful Writers Group.”  

Which brings me back to Lori M. Jones, our featured writer this month. In her post,  The Mindful Writing Phenomenon-Training for a Marathon, (See Writing & Meditation Page) she says writing with the Mindful Writers Group benefits her by  increasing her productivity multifold thus making her a better writer.

Lori M. Jones resides in Pittsburgh, PA. She released her first children’s book, Riley’s Heart Machine, in the fall of 2012 through Guardian Angel Publishing. She has written two novels, and is preparing them for publication. Her flash fiction pieces have placed in several contests and both novels have received awards in first chapter contests. Lori is a mother of two young daughters. Her youngest daughter’s heart defect was the inspiration behind Riley’s Heart Machine. Some of the proceeds from the book benefit The Children’s Heart Foundation that funds research to end congenital heart defects. Lori is currently on the national Board of Directors for the Children’s Heart Foundation and the president of Pennsylvania Chapter. She is traveling to schools and libraries delivering talks about the inspiration behind Riley’s Heart Machine and how we can all embrace what makes us special. Lori enjoys rooting for her beloved Pittsburgh Steelers and Penguins and participating in 5Ks. Visit her website at www.lorimjones.com.

Rileys Heart Machine is available at:

http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/161633312X?ie=UTF8&force-full-site=1&ref= aw bottom_links

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