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Writer’s Dogged Determination

Writer’s Dogged Determination

Talent and passion for writing by themselves do not make a successful writer. Dogged determination combined with these qualities does. “To write a minimum of thousand words every day” is one of the mottos of the Mindful Writers.

Whereas talent and passion come naturally, determination is to be cultivated. This is hard to do. Most writers find starting a piece  quite challenging. The good news is a Method that the Mindful Writers follow. The Method is to practice Writing Meditation that cultivates and strengthens determination to write everyday.

The Method begins with fifteen minutes of unselfconscious, playful, imaginative and unrestricted writing. This free writing or spiritual journaling is followed by fifteen minutes of meditation. During these thirty minutes the writer’s fragmented body, mind and heart get integrated into the whole healthy self. The combination of journaling and meditation becomes a habit within 21 days. Once writing starts it is hard to stop.  The Method stimulates a creative flow that results in several hours of quality writing.  

The Mindful Writers realize that talent and passion are merely starting points. Real success begins with the number of pages written. Pages accumulate into the first rough draft. Quantity leads to experience and experience to quality writing through revision and rewriting. All this becomes possible as a result of dogged determination to write a minimum of thousand words a day.

Our featured writer this week is Kathleen Shoop. Read her “Life Transformed” under Writing & Meditation page. Kathleen has all it takes to become a successful writer; talent and passion for writing and dogged determination to write daily. Once the reader enters the fictional dream of her novels it is hard to let go. Her novels have won several awards and accolades.

An author and educator, Kathleen has worked with teachers for over twenty years. She writes historical and women’s fiction. Her first novel, The Last Letter, won a Gold Medal in the Independent Publishers Book Awards and her second novel, After the Fog, won Silver the following year. Her newest novel, a quirky, post-college coming of age story, Love and Other Subjects, was released in December 2012. Kathleen has also contributed stories to Chicken Soup for the Soul: Runners, Think Positive, Thanks Dad, and My Cat’s Life. Kathleen lives with her husband and two children in Oakmont, Pennsylvania.

Website: http://kshoop.com

Twitter: @kathieshoop  https://twitter.com/kathieshoop

Book Sources: http://www.amazon.com/Kathleen-Shoop/e/B0051FCVQU/ref=ntt_athr_dp_pel_pop_1








  • ACHUTA Ramaiah

    Correct. Passion and talent is not enough but the tenacity to write, come what may, on a daily basis sets the stage for a powerful writer. Yes, write for 21 days and it becomes a habit that can be honed and revised later for better writing. But the urge and tenacity support. Robin Sharma has said if you do anything routinely for 21 days it becomes a natural habit. I am sure your idea of 21 continuous days is with ref to Robin Sharma. Nice take. Congrats. Your writing is powerful, man.

    May 9, 2013 at 5:24 am

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