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Mindful Writers Guidebook for Writing Meditation Method

Mindful Writers Guidebook for Writing Meditation Method

Writing Meditation Method: How does it Work

As an introduction to Writing Meditation Method, my previous post with the same title, “Writing Meditation Method: How does it Work” was not as clear as I would have liked it to be. Thanks to some of you who suggested that I break the subject down in smaller parts the way I did during the previous years when I wrote, As I Understand It. Those posts were a joy to write. Hundreds of you continue to read your favorite posts from the Bhagavad Gita, Tao Te Ching, Dhammapada, and Devi Gita.

Currently, I am writing, Mindful Writers Guidebook for Writing Meditation Method. As I write the manuscript, I have decided to share sections of it in my future posts. The book is about the method I use in guiding novice and advanced writers in fulfilling their goal of completing a book project until it is ready for professional editing. For several years, I have helped writers complete a book length, fiction or non-fiction, manuscript in nine-months. The group has become known as the “Mindful Writers Group.” They practice Writing Meditation Method that includes short sessions of Free Writing, Body, Heart and Mind Meditations, and two to four hours of writing their work in progress.

Each one of them in his or her own unique way struggles to remove inhibitions and overcome obstacles that hinder them from becoming better in whatever they do. Writing Meditation Method combs through the tangled web of minor psychological issues until they surface and awaken the practitioners to their deep driving desire and what keeps them from achieving it. They become conscious of themselves and begin to ask, “What am I doing?” “Why am I doing this?” and “How can I improve myself?” The self-reflection leads to self-awakening and results in alleviating unwholesome feelings and thoughts. They begin to live the way they were meant to live. They feel integrated instead of fragmented.

All humans have the desire as well as potential to become their authentic selves. But how can they expect to be anything if they do not know, if they are not conscious of who they really are? How can they better themselves if they don’t look at themselves in t he mirror unmasked and ungarbed? Writing Meditation Method shows them how.

Writing Meditation Method lead me to face my unconscious self and the rest of it is two decades of history. In my future postings, I will discuss how painting, study and teaching of Asian religions and Indian art history inculcated in me a genuine sense of self. I will also share the Method that I follow in the Mindful Writers Group and post the experiences of writers who have been regularly practicing.

The Method is not only meant for writers but for anyone who has deep driving desire to achieve a goal, to fulfill a dream. All of you may join me on this quest. If you want to accomplish a dream but feel paralyzed with self-doubt, fear, lack of determination and focus or are unable to stick to your resolve come join me on this journey of self-exploration, self-knowing and self-expression.


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