Writing Goals for 2012 | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Writing Goals for 2012

Writing Goals for 2012

Whether you are a budding writer or more advanced writer, I sincerely hope that this year you will integrate the practices of meditation and writing. Meditation cultivates mindfulness and that, in my experience, is the queen of all the writer’s tools and techniques. It is simple (not easy) but the results are amazing.

In order to practice meditation. Find a quiet place. Sit in a comfortable posture with your eyes closed.  Focus on your in-breath and your out-breath, and pay attention to your sensations, and thoughts and emotions passing through your mind. Practice this discipline daily or on the days you plan to write: same time same place.  Begin to meditate in small steps of five to ten minutes. Slowly increase its duration to fifteen minutes. You will feel your  body, heart and mind that were fragmented until then, integrate. You will have a feeling of wholeness.

Whether you practice for five minutes or fifteen, as soon as you finish meditation begin to write your work in progress. In the beginning, you may follow the meditation with just an hour of writing. Gradually, however, your writing period will extend. Don’t be surprised if your writing period increases with the increase of your meditation minutes.

Many of you should be able to practice the two disciplines together, what I call Writing Meditation, in three weeks. But for most of you, it may take three months to cultivate this good habit.  In three months, you begin to know your authentic Self for the first time. You feel grounded and write from that space in your heart-mind where your authentic Self is eternally present. You form a link with this Self, and begin to hear its soundless voice. As the voice gets clearer, your link to it stronger the flow of your writing increases and you are able to write for hours without facing any obstacles or blocks.  Mindful Writers are able to write for two to four hours daily, five to six days a week. (See  HOME PAGE, “Who is a Mindful Writer?” Oct.18, 2011)

Reading about writing, attending workshops and seminars are great contributions to your craft.  Let the  Writing Meditation  motivate you to write, help your overcome blocks, increase your productivity and ignite the fire within you and recharge your creative batteries. (See WRITING & MEDITATION PAGE, “Pleasures of Writing Meditation,” Nov. 30, 2011)

Today, make an agreement with yourself, “I will write regularly!” As you drink your  favorite morning beverage ask yourself, “What will I write today?” And make the decision to write something, anything. It doesn’t matter if it is a short piece or a long one. The thought at the back of your mind, “I have written!” will make you feel good. If for any reason you are unable to write during the day, before going to sleep, write one page telling yourself, “Why I didn’t write today?” And promise  yourself that you’ll have a better writing day tomorrow. (See WRITING & MEDITATION PAGE, “Revise Your Day!” Nov. 13, 2011)

And remember, don’t give away the fire and flow of your creativity by talking about what you want to write or dream about writing. Instead of talking about your feelings let your raw emotions and deep thoughts marinate. When you sit down to work write with the urge those emotions inspire and to aflame your sentences and paragraphs with your passion.  

There is great pleasure in the process of writing. Enjoy the process and the peace it brings!

Wishing you all a productive and creative 2012!

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