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“Meditation for Mindful-Writers” CD

“Meditation for Mindful-Writers” CD

Dear Readers,

Below I have pasted selected excerpts from what the mindful writers, who practice the discipline of Writing Meditation, have to say about”Meditation For Mindful Writers” CD.

Your Mindful Writing CD is absolutely beautiful!!! I love the crystal clear sound of your gentle voice! And the narrator’s voice is strong and commanding. The music adds a peaceful touch! Wonderful job! You should be so pleased with the outcome! I love it! (Judy B. Schneider, Editor & Author, October 2011)

I listen with awe of what you have produced. I feel so honored to have witnessed the blossoming of your effort into this amazing CD. Well done!! (Cathy Vignolini, Writer, October 2011)

I love it! It’s beautifully recorded and I felt just as though you were beside me focusing my meditation with your gentle, peaceful voice! (Julie Long, Editor and Author, October 2011)

 This is beautiful! You sound wonderful. Great CD! You’re a wonderful inspiration to all of us.(Lori Jones, Writer, October 2011)

 As I follow these meditations,  you seem to  sit beside me, gently  guiding me to clear my mind and spirit  and to free my imagination for the next few hours of writing. (Mary Alice Meli, Journalist, October 2011)

Check out the Publication Page.  

With best wishes!

Madhu B. Wangu


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