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Being in Nature

The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey

Its my pleasure to share with you the cover of my novel, The Immigrant Wife: Her Spiritual Journey. Forthcoming in April 2016, the book is about Shanti, an artist from the Valley of Kashmir. Her fervor for art and nature. Her constant battle between the pressures of social expectations and her own burning desire to be an artist. Her encounter with deaths in India and America. And finally, her spiritual renewal....

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Watching Sunset

Sun and Moonscapes

Dear Readers, I am happy to finally share something that I have been working on diligently over the past decade. I am filled with anticipation and excitement to share its details with you next Monday. Stay tuned and have a wonderful week! On another note, while traveling around the world, I have had the pleasure of delighting in landscapes especially of the sun at dawn, noon and dusk. And the moon against the blue black sky. The sun, its rays and its light garb distinctive sceneries in magical colors. Whether the orange/yellow sphere peeks behind the fluffy white clouds or is sheer against pristine blue sky, it never fails to mesmerize me. Exquisite! Many a time, whether reflecting on the peaks of Grand Canyon or on the calm waters of the Caribbean Sea, I have soaked myself in its liquid golden light. So much so that I have tried...

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A New Year’s Surprise!

My friend, Kathleen Shoop, is giving away 'It's a New Year Prize Pack-- #1!' "A Fabulous prize pack is coming your way! Madhu B. Wangu’s short-story collection, CHANCE MEETINGS, a $25 AMAZON gift-card, a JENNI BICK one-of-a-kind leather journal (Peacock), cozy socks and much, much MORE! CHANCE MEETINGS is bursting with beautiful, lush, lyrical stories and rhythmic language that transports and transforms—each and every story in Wangu’s collection is an unforgettable journey. Enjoy an AMAZON gift card to buy that item at the top of your New Year’s wish-list. Curl up with a cup of hot tea while you sink into these compelling stories. Chronicle your own personal journeys in this stunning, made just for you journal by JENNI BICK. And there’s MORE… But that’s a surprise—you’ll have to win to see!...

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Welcoming 2016 With Three Thals!

Dear Readers and Friends, Happy New Year with these 'Thals' (Platters) of Blessings! May 2016 be filled with warmth of the family, joy in day-to-day life and adventure of life opening up to you! Many of you, who saw our family thal posted on various social media, wanted to know the meaning of the things placed in the bowls and on rice. Here is an excerpt from my forthcoming novel, "THE IMMIGRANT WIFE: A SPIRITUAL JOURNEY (April 2016) that explains the significance of these items. Christmas Day turned out to be better than Shanti could have imagined. She had prepared flavorful dishes for her family and they had savored them. They had exchanged gifts and had seen, done, and learned a million things in the new country. She hoped her resilience would...

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Days Thirteen, Fourteen & Fifteen: Old Delhi and New Delhi

Old Delhi and New Delhi Circa 1200-Present The two-week trip to South India with my husband Manoj, and our daughter’s in-laws, Drs. Young Woo Choi and Young Soon Choi was an unforgettable experience. This is the last post about our site seeing in Old Delhi and New Delhi. Delhi is replete with Hindu, Buddhist, Sikh and Jain monuments but out of them all, Mughal monuments are outstanding. Qutab Minar is the tallest brick tower in the world. Located in New Delhi, the 240 feet high tapering tower is 47 feet in diameter at the base and 9 feet at the peak. The Qutab Complex includes Emperor Asoka’s iron pillar, two tombs, a gateway and a madrassa. Qutub-ud-Din Aibak, the founder of the Delhi Sultanate, built it in 1200 in red sandstone and white marble. Inside...

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Days Eleven and Twelve: White Taj and Red Fort

Prior to seeing Taj Mahal for the first time, I had imagined it from seeing it in photographs. When I finally looked it in three dimensions the monument was more magnificent than how I had imagined! Yet, this time, my fourth, it looked more spectacular from far and more impressive in details. Taj Mahal means ‘crown of palaces’ and is located on the bank of the Yamuna River in the city of Agra. When I visit Taj Mahal I also visit Agra Fort. About two miles northeast of Taj, the Fort is an equally powerful architectural marvel. While the former was built by Shah Jahan (1592-1666) latter was built by his grandfather Emperor Akbar (1542-1605). Shah Jahan’s reign is considered the golden period of Mughal architecture. However, many of the structure made during...

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Days Nine & Ten: House Boats and Spices

Called the ‘Venice of the East,’ the natural beauty of Alappuzha (or Alleppy), can be experienced only by being there. I can merely share the pictures of luxurious and leisurely day we spent in a houseboat cruising through its picture-perfect canals, backwaters, lagoons and the beaches of Arabian Sea. Watching the houses on the land between the sea and network of rivers flowing into it was the most delightful experience. Thirty-nine miles south of Alleppy is 39 Kochi—an important spice-trading center. At present whole spices such as cinnamon, cloves, black pepper and cardamom are exported throughout the world. Known as the Queen of the Arabian Sea, some still call it by its Anglicized name, Cochin. This picture perfect town was the center of Portuguese administration in India until they moved it to Goa...

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Day Eight: Kathakali in Kovalam, Kerela

We spent an unforgettable day at the beach and the town of Kovalam--walked on the beach, savored unfamiliar tasty dishes, watched a Kathakali performance with a view of Arabian Sea in the background. In Malayalam language Kovalam means a grove of coconut trees. The place offers picturesque sights of the coconut trees on land and near water. In the early seventies, hippies on their way to Ceylon, came to this town in throngs transforming a casual fishing village into one of the most popular tourist destinations in India. Kathakali is the classical Malayalam dance-drama noted for its stylized make-up in brilliant basic colors, elaborate costumes, detailed gestures and well-defined body postures. The graceful movements are accompanied by singing, drums and percussions. This style of dance-drama originated in Kerala in the 17th century. Over the years, it has developed...

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Day Seven: Green Coconuts & Kovalam Beach

An excerpt from my novel, The Immigrant Wife: A Spiritual Journey (Forthcoming March/April 2016) The two friends gathered their materials in their shoulder bags, and then walked toward the beach. From far they spotted green coconut vendor. The thought of cool coconut juice made Shanti’s mouth water. They selected two coconuts and handed them to the seller. As he was slicing off the thick outer skin of the fruit, Shanti said, “A productive day! Wouldn’t you agree, Hema?” “I agree! You are good company to go sketching with.” The vendor handed the fruit to Hema. She put a creamy, slippery slice in her mouth and sucked in its sweet, milky juice through a straw. “Ahhhhhh . . . so soothing, satisfying!” She licked her lips. “Hard to explain such sensations,” Shanti said, waiting for her turn to...

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Day Six: Iridescent Dawn and Palace Complex

Kanyakumari, Southernmost Tip of Indian Peninsula, Tamil Nadu Kanyakumari (Old Cape Comorin) is a popular tourist destination. Hundreds of thousands of tourists come here to watch sunrise from its smooth-rocky beach. When we arrived it was dark. The sky was overcast with heavy black clouds. We waited patiently. Then iridescent orange shimmered from behind the clouds at the horizon. The moments of shimmering gold still resonate in my memory. Slowly, distant landscape emerged: a 95 feet high statue of Thiruvalluvar standing atop a 38 feet pedestal. Its 133 feet represent 133 chapters in the Tamil scripture, Thirukkural. Next to the statue stood the Swami Vivekananda’s Memorial on a rock. He is believed to have meditated on the rock and attained enlightenment. Padmanabhapuram Palace, Tamil Nadu In the afternoon we drove to, Padmanabhapuram Palace located...

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