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Your Hero/Heroine’s Journey

Your Hero/Heroine’s Journey

By writing 250-500 words each morning, in a public forum, you can experience a hero’s journey.
Here’s how it works:
1. You, as a writer are merrily going on your daily routine. (Ordinary World)
2. An invitation arrives to be a guest host at Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG). (Call for adventure)
3. You don’t want to do it. It makes you feel nervous and uncomfortable. You don’t trust you have time to do it or are worthy of the task. (Refusal of the call)
4. An inner voice (or an outer mentor) tugs, you can do it!
5. Hesitatingly you agree. (Crossing the threshold)
6. Thoughts race in your mind, which topic would I choose. As you write a rough draft your hand trembles. (Tests)
7. The golden thread of the Writing Meditation Practice guides you. (Allies) You walk the labyrinth, approach the demons and dragons (Enemies) to penetrate the innermost cave. (Entrance to the Dragon’s Den)
8. Before you know it, while you are confronting the dragon half of the month is over while. (The Ordeal)
9. By the third week you realize you are enjoying the process. Each morning you see your post, read comments and interact with other members. You feel motivated, ecstatic, and triumphed. (Seizing the treasure)
10. Having almost finished writing the posts you feel wonderful about yourself. (Ready to return home)
11. Something has changed. (Resurrection)
12. You have posted without inhibitions, without restrictions. You have shared your feelings and thoughts with other members of the group. You feel fearless, stronger and an important part of the group. (Return with the Boon)
13. You have sharpened your skills, made good friends and returned to your regular routine. (Ordinary World)
That’s how it feels to be a guest-host at OMWG—a hero/heroine’s journey. Volunteer for a month in 2024 and experience it yourself!
Here’s the list of Online Mindful Writers Group guest-hosts for 2023:
Jennifer D. Diamond January
Deborah Catanese February
Denise Weaver March
Donna Snyder-Lucas April
Lorraine Bonzelet May
Madhu Bazaz Wangu June
Mike Morley July
Deb Vita August
Neeharika Raina September
Fritze Roberts October
Eileen Enwright Hodgetts November
Amy Baverso December

My Ikebana arrangement in a class I took while traveling in Japan.

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