Abundance and Mindfulness | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Abundance and Mindfulness

Abundance and Mindfulness

Mindfulness Fructifies in Abundance (Cont.)

I’m grateful for the place we are moving into—the apartment, the neighborhood, the city and the state. I’m grateful for going to be closer to our children and grandchildren. Grateful for a home that would have all the conveniences one needs at our age, mid-70’s. And I’m thankful to the universe for little and big things. Gratitude has brought abundance into my family. 

When we settle within with attention and awareness, we become one with our consciousness. Our attentive presence focuses more on what is right inside us and outside us, than what is wrong. We feel grounded. We feel good. Don’t let yourself . . . 

Continued at my Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/madhubazazwangu/

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