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SHELL HOUSE: Mindful Writers Retreat Series IV

SHELL HOUSE: Mindful Writers Retreat Series IV

Thrilling News!
Mindful Writers Retreat Series, SHELL HOUSE eBook is on sale for $0.99! 
All proceeds go to the MERR Institute, a nonprofit organization dedicated to the conservation of marine mammals and sea turtles located in Shell House’s beautiful setting of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware!

The twenty-three-story collection, SHELL HOUSE is replete with various genres: Humor, Fantasy, Magic, Science Fiction, Family Relationships, Romance. All stories are inspired by the 100 years old mansion known as “Shell House” located on Rehoboth Beach.  

My contribution to the collection is the story, “Life in the Mirror.” As I studied the one-hundred-year-old sprawling mansion with balconies, corridors, Victorian furniture, manicured gardens, beach in the front and wilderness at the back I began to hear the haunting sounds of a sorrowful voice as if searching for itself. The story wrote itself in one day because Jaya, the protagonist, I felt, drew me to the “magical” mirror and narrated the story to me. 

Kathleen Shoop offers two lighthearted tales “Flora & George” and “Frannie & Eli.” The stories are set nearly a century apart but connected by champagne and pineapple upside down cake! To top off the cake there is mystery, a hidden vault and more secrets.

The inspiration for Stephanie Keyes’ “Wren and the Sea Captain” came from an old, black and white movie, The Ghost and Mrs. Muir, one of her favorite movies. Read the spooky and romantic story with sporadic comic moments.

Larry Schardt’s “The Gazebo at Silver Lake” is about falling in love, love lost and the sad separation at Rehoboth Beath. When the main character returns to the same beach for a book signing what happens? whom does his meet? Read the story and find out.

“A Sunday Séance at the Sea” by Kimberly Kurth Gray was inspired by her Auntie Ev, obsessed with afterlife and fascinated with spirits and spiritualism. At one point she moved from her home because of possibility of being haunted by a loved one. An intriguing story. 

“Molly’s Magic” by Denise Weaver was inspired by her gracious aunt’s mindful cooking. She prepared meals with an additional secret ingredient. Her recipes were just right and seasoned with attention to the needs of those to whom she served. The magic of such meals was that they could work wonders. Read and find out.

The initial spark for Jennifer D. Diamond’s “The Inheritance of Courage” was born at an off-season family beach trip in 1986. Unexpected loneliness, longing, and the troubles that attract Tilly the protagonist to the water is a treat for the heart. Read it and feel it!

Deborah Catanese’s autobiographical tale, “Slaughter Beach” is about the people she loves wholeheartedly the tale will lure you with its factual episodes like a fictional dream. 

Lorraine Bonzelet wrote “A Shell for a Shell” while sitting on Rehoboth Beach. With her toes in the sand and ocean waves crashing, playfulness was bound to surface. The waves carried away her anxiety and struggle to write and a story poured onto the page. Patsy, an elderly fireball dealing with dementia emerged, vivid and alive. The story is full of humor and grapples with what happens when one is caring for an elderly parent.

A number of our SHELL HOUSE authors will be signing books at Browseabout Books on October 1, 2022 at 4 pm, 133 Rehoboth Ave, Rehoboth Beach, DE. 

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