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The Last Suttee: Required Reading


The Last Suttee: Required Reading

I’m honored and thrilled to post that Dr. Leslie Jaffe (College Physician and Instructor, Smith College) has made my novel, The Last Suttee a required reading for his summer course, Global Young Women’s Health. Here is an excerpt from his email to me:

The Last Suttee works for my course on several levels.  It’s an engaging adventure story well told. It touches on the cultural obstacles facing girls in India. And the girls will relate to Kumud the heroine who shows how one person can be an agent of change.

The intent of my course is to empower young women by helping them increase the knowledge about their bodies, the challenges women face in other cultures and the possibility of making a difference in their lives and lives of others. I will discuss the readings from the novel in class. I have been teaching this course for at least 15 years.”

THE LAST SUTTEE available at:

Global Young Women’s Health

An excerpt from the Course Description.

Globally, adolescent girls face an array of health-related challenges in their daily lives. This course empowers young women to explore those challenges. Lack of gender equity, including the right to an education and access to health care places millions of girls in poor and developing countries at increased risk for poor health and preventable deaths. Through individual and group activities this course provides opportunities to learn about many of these issues, including health disparities in the United States, child brides in Asia, obstetric fistula in Africa, maternal deaths in India, and violence against women globally. . . Global Young Women’s Health is an emotionally intense and rewarding course that builds individual and group knowledge and awareness.

THE LAST SUTTEE available at:

  • Jennifer D. Diamond

    This is marvelous news. I always thought your work should be studied. Congratulations!

    June 1, 2021 at 11:43 am

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