Endless Love #6 and A Prayer for Peace #7 | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Endless Love #6 and A Prayer for Peace #7

Endless Love #6 and A Prayer for Peace #7

Dear Mindful Readers and Writers,

The Mindful Writers Wisdom Weekend Retreat is approaching fast. So far twenty-three writers have reserved their spots. Registration is still open. If you are interested please feel free to write to me at madhu.wangu@me.com.  
or visit the retreat Facebook Page: Mindful Writers Retreat 2014. 


Here are two new pieces, a poem and a hymn, for you to enjoy.
I look forward to your comments.  



 The evening star.
Lovers in a tryst.
Forbidden Endless Love

 The evening star.
Stars in a galaxy.
Galaxy within galaxies. 

Unceasing rousing inward.
Unfathomable exploding outward.
Blossoming, Constricting 

Whence it comes?
Whence it goes?




My body still in silence and solitude.
May the tumult within me cease.
May I feel as calm as sea after the storm.

My heart free from attractions.
My mind free from distractions.

Silence in my ears.
Silence on my forehead.
Silence in my eyes.
Silence on my lips.

Silence in my mind.
An embrace of joy.
A shower of peace.


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  • Dr.Indira Kapoor.M.D.

    Enjoyed reading both.
    Short, yet very sweet and thought provoking!

    July 7, 2014 at 10:23 am

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