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Who is a Mindful Writer?

Who is a Mindful Writer?

Mindful Writers are those who follow the discipline of Writing Meditation. (See Writing & Meditation Page) Almost every day they practice Writing Meditation. They may write in solitude but it is glorious and empowering to write in the company of other Writers. Gathered in one space, they seem like a group of islands engrossed in their own genre of creative writing so intense that they exude an aura that inspires and motivates. The absorption in their work radiates in the atmosphere as a sort of collective energy.

The Writers begin with an intention to complete a draft, first or final, of their manuscript-fiction, non-fiction or collection of essay or stories-in nine-months. They have a definite goal that they divide into thirty-eight segments and make a commitment to stick to their schedule. They set aside several hours a day from their busy life exclusively for writing. This builds up an anticipation to write at a designated time. They are extremely productive during these hours. Some writers feel that their focus during the Writing Meditation sessions is stronger than it is during other writing sessions for the rest of the week. That motivates them to return to the group. They average 5-10 pages of writing per week, which are roughly 152 to 380 pages in thirty-eight weeks.

Prior to joining the Mindful Writers Nine-Month Seminar, the participants noted that they were not motivated because their focus was diffused. Writing Meditation not only sharpened their focus thus strengthening their concentration, but also extended the time during which they remained focused. On the day of the meeting, they felt they could write with greater clarity. In fact, some of them would like to write with Mindful Writers if the Group is willing to do so. More they practice Mindful Writing, more focussed and productive would they get.  

In Body Meditation, the Mindful Writers carefully scan their bodies in order to bring their awareness to each part, inside and outside, from the soles of their feet to the tops of their heads. By the end of this concentrated attention to the body, they visualize creative flow streaming from their head, to their feet. Its daily practice clarifies the mind, opens the heart, and unclogs the body. This enables them to materialize their dream of becoming fine writers and better people.

In Heart Meditation, the writers pay attention to the passion for their work in progress and emotions that they have been avoiding. They ask themselves, why am I writing my current project? What is my goal? What is my plan to reach this goal? How do I plan to materialize this book project? How do I complete the first draft within the time I have given myself? Have I divided this book project into manageable weekly parts?

When their breathing is regulated their mind calms and negativity subsides. With calm minds their attention is reflected back on themselves and they begin to listen to their inner voice. Some of them have not been aware of such a voice until joining the meditation sessions. It takes months of meditative breathing and focus before they can hear the soundless voice and begin to listen to what it has to say. Gradually, as they repeatedly hear it, they learn to trust themselves.

In Mind Meditation, the writers learn to become aware of each and every thought that comes to their minds. They learn to ask themselves who is having the thoughts and who is watching the one having the thoughts. If in meditation a thought diverts their attention, they ask, why does this thought make me wander off? Which thought took my focus away? In answering these questions, they are expected to be as bold and honest with their mind as they would be when looking at their unmasked face in the mirror. The inner voice responds to their questions. By listening to it, they get to know something about themselves without knowing its cause. They get a gut feeling or an intuitive thought that nudges them to do the right thing, recognize a wrong word, rewrite a scene, or delete a cherished sentence or even a whole section.

During the Body, Heart and Mind meditations, the Mindful Writers’ job is to simply witness and accept their thoughts, not to avoid or interpret them. When they let go of the debris of their accumulated thoughts, the mind becomes clear. When the mind is clear, writers are able to control and better guide their writing projects. When the mind is silent, imagination and creativity seep in. In stillness, silence and solitude, they feel a presence that is beyond words that brings depth to their writing.

Mindful Writers progress like a lotus-from the grime and mud of the daily grind to the bloom of the practice of daily meditation followed by writing in which creative energy empowers them. They are able to repel all sorts of mental debris and become, at least for a few hours a day, absorbed in the passion of their writing and bliss of what writers or any creative mind is genuinely supposed to experience.

When the two ancient disciplines of writing and meditation are practiced together they result in self-awakening of a writer and a human. With the practice of Writing Meditation, Writers’ writings reflect who they really are. In doing so they uplift themselves to lead happier lives and author books that bring joy and vitality to their readers. By progressing themselves, Mindful Writers uplift all who come in touch with them.

The daily practice of Writing Meditation is the secret of a Mindful Writers success as a fine writer and happier person.

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