Writing as a Spiritual Journey | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Writing as a Spiritual Journey

Writing as a Spiritual Journey

Writing as a Spiritual Journey: A Workshop

The Northland Public Library is sponsoring my twelve-session workshop “Writing as a Spiritual Journey.”

Through personal experience I know that the process of turning traumatic events and intense emotions into words and sentences has healing power. In this workshop you will turn your thoughts and feelings into words that would have beneficial affects.

For the first few sessions you will write down your experiences. You’ll jot and you’ll scribble and you will dig deeper within yourselves. From your heart-minds you will drag onto a notebook emotions that are difficult to talk about or too painful to discuss and are dormant in the basement of your mind. This technique will lighten your heart and clarify you mind.

For the next six sessions or so during the process of rewriting and revising you’ll be charged with creative energy that will define your writing style. In addition, it will help you empty your mind of emotional baggage you have been carrying for years.

The practice of journaling that you are expected to do every single day will help you hone your writing into art. By the twelfth session, a year of journaling, writing, rewriting and revising would not only have a healing affect on you but it will also open a door for each participant’s individual spiritual journey.

The workshop will meet the first Thursday of every month at 7:00 at the Northland Public Library, 300 Cumberland Road, Pittsburgh, PA 15237.

For questions please call Jane Jubb, Adult Program Coordinator: (412) 366-8100

See you on May 6!
Dr. Madhu B. Wangu

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  • Dr.Indu Kapoor M.D.

    Dearest Madhu,Even though belated,I want to wish you all the best for your writing workshop.Love Chotti

    April 7, 2010 at 9:50 am

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