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Guest This Week: Jennifer D. Diamond

At the Online Mindful Writers Group (OMWG) Page, I invite a new guest-of-honor every week. This week's guest is Jennifer D. Diamond. To read her daily posts go to the Home Page on this website and click the middle button, "Visit and Join." Here is her bio: Jennifer D. Diamond, MS/CCC-SLP, holds national certification in Speech/Language Pathology from the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Pennsylvania K-12 teaching certificates for Speech/Language Impairment and Reading Specialist, PA state licensure in Speech/Language Therapy, and is a writer of short stories, personal essays, and In-Between/Tween Fiction. Diamond’s first published short story appears in the Mindful Writers Retreat Anthology, Over the River and Through the Woods, forward by Kathleen Shoop, edited by Demi Stevens, 2019. Her short personal essay, Fighting the Shadows, was accepted for the COVID-19 themed anthology, The New Normal:...

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Some Musings and A Contemplative Walk

Good Morning!We all have experienced acts of love, compassion and humility amidst the current confusing, divisive, devious and callous socio-cultural environment. Here are three of my experiences:One August morning in West Virginia my husband and I went on a four-hour scenic train ride. We sat near a window on a table for four where we were introduced to a young couple. Together we took pleasure in the scenery, chatted, laughed and ate. It was Maryanne and Bernie’s fifteenth wedding anniversary. They were planning to celebrate it with dinner at an expensive restaurant that evening.For dinner we went to a place with the view of the mountains. The wine and the food were delicious. When it was time for us to pay the bill, the waitress said it had already been...

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