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Subscribing with RSS Feeds

Would you like to find out right away when there’s a new post or comment on Mindful Writers? Subscribe to the site through our newsfeeds and you’ll be informed quickly.

What is a newsfeed?

Web newsfeeds are lists of updated website content. They may contain headlines, summaries, and links to blog posts. By subscribing to newsfeeds for your favorite sites, you can skim quickly through new content to find information that interests you.

(Web newsfeeds also go by the name “RSS feeds” – RSS is short for “Really Simple Syndication. See also What Is RSS.)

What do I need to use a newsfeed?

You need a news reader or aggregator that displays newsfeeds from web sites you choose. There are many news readers available, and many are free. Some are available as software that you install on your computer. Other news readers are web-based, meaning you access them through a web-browser from any computer.

Once you have set up a news reader for yourself, subscribe to the newsfeeds you want – including Mindful Writers.

Why would I use newsfeeds?

Newsfeeds make it easy to stay current with web sites and news. The feed is updated whenever the site is updated, and your news reader or aggregator then alerts you to the new content. Instead of repeatedly visiting sites to see if they have been updated, you receive automatic alerts only when something is new.

How can I subscribe to a newsfeed for Mindful Writers?

Follow your news reader’s instructions to subscribe. Here is┬áthe feed for this site: