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LovingKindness Meditation

LovingKindness Meditation

Dear Readers,

Physical therapy sessions, though grueling and painful are doing wonders with my healing and recovery. I should be able to get back to my regular routine by early February. 

As I lay in bed at home gazing at the ceiling of my room, Jennifer’s posts at ONLINE MINDFUL WRITERS GROUP: https://tinyurl.com/MindfulWriters on Loving Kindness Meditation made me think of the healthcare workers: nurses, nurses’ aides, physical therapists and so on. How they follow the motions of this practice. Their work is to alleviate pain, discomfort and unease of their patients. Majority of them do their job sincerely and efficiently in an environment where pain is everywhere. 

They could have frowned, turned irritable or looked tired but any hardly did. Although the presence of pain was constant and continual they had kind words, soothing gestures and caring attitude for each patient; certainly for me. Their positive attitude encouraged me to tell them how grateful I was for their assistance and help, and how blessed I felt for their compassion. In return, they smiled and thanked me

I thought how so many healthcare workers who do their daily jobs mindfully make their patients’ pain an inhalation and their silent presence an exhalation. Even when they are unaware of the term “Lovingkindness Meditation” they breathe in the cumulative pain of their patients and breathe out the heeling and tranquility with complete focus. This has become their daily habit. The feeling must spread through their day. For some it may be just another job but those who practice with compassion and with mindfulness the work must bring them so much more gratification and inner solace. 

Awareness and attention are the key words here. The moment the lamp of awareness is lit, the entire person turns luminous. The light of awareness that shines in our hearts is beyond all things on earth and beyond the highest heavens. It connects and heals.

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