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Another Mindful Writer

Another Mindful Writer

It is my pleasure to post the mindful meditation and writing experience of yet another Mindful Writer, Eileen Enwright Hodgetts. She joined our Wednesday meetings more than a year ago. (Please see “Finding A Safe Place” on Writing and Meditation Page)

Eileen says, ‘as far back as I can remember I always wanted to be a writer.’ When she worked part-time (1985 to 1999), Eileen wrote plays such as Titanic to All Ships, Phoebe and the Steel City Vampires, Whirlpool the Musical, For all the Saints and a number of one-act plays. As a playwright she won the Pittsburgh New Works Festival Award, and numerous national awards including Best New Play from Theatre Americana. The latter was awarded to her for Titanic to All Ships about the senate hearings into the sinking of the Titanic. The play was also sponsored by a Fellowship from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Now a full-time writer, Eileen’s work is prodigious. She has published three novels, Dragons Green (2010), Whirlpool (2011) and Afric (2012). During this time she also co-authored, with the Archbishop of Uganda, a non-fiction book, More than One Wife, Polygamy and Grace (2012). The book is about the effects of polygamy in African society. Currently she is working on her second non-fiction book about English war brides (based on her play War Brides). She is also co-authoring, with her “adopted” Ugandan son, her third work of non-fiction about the treatment of the disabled in Africa. For the further research of this manuscript she will visit Uganda in July 2014.

Born in England, Eileen and her husband first immigrated to South Africa, and then to the United States where they and their two children became American citizens. Eileen recently completed a thirteen year commitment as Director of Missions for Christ Church at Grove Farm in Sewickley with a special emphasis on the East African nation of Uganda. The years spent traveling between Pittsburgh and Entebbe have fueled her desire to write about her life experiences in such a way that she can share with her readers.  

When she is not writing novels or staging plays Eileen focuses on the art of Cheese-making, ranging from everyday Cheddar to some of the more exotic cheeses such as Rocquefort; she is very proud of her Buttermilk Blue Cheese.

Please visit Eileen’s website at:

Eileen’s Books are available at:

Don’t miss the video trailers for Eileen’s two novels.  Afric here:

And Whirlpool here:


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