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Posts by Mindful Writers

Posts by Mindful Writers

Since 2010, I have posted short pieces about the Mindful Writers Group and the benefits of the Writing Meditation Method. The Method consists of daily practice of fifteen minutes of body, heart or mind meditation followed by fifteen minutes of Free Writing. (For detailed descriptions of MWG and WMM please read the following previous posts: The pieces posted during 2011: October 11 & 18, November 13 & 30 and in 2012: July 2 & 30 and August 21)

The half hour meditation and writing ritual energizes the writers, builds the momentum and inspires them to work on their manuscripts for five to six hours, for some longer. It is amazing to experience how a narrow thought pattern at the beginning of the session turns into something larger than life.

Writing Meditation Method is a powerful way to enter the silence of your mind. Any negative disturbance or residue dissolves in exhaling and inhaling in meditation, and on the pages of a journal in Free Writing. Your senses of sight and hearing are pulled inwards. Your mind shifts from a fragmented and distracted state to that of focus and concentration. And you are ready to write as a whole person.

On 13 March, 2013 the Mindful Writers Group will enter its third year with eighteen members. At present, the Group may be just two years old but the work of its members is no child’s feat. It includes the best selling and award-winning authors. Some have published as many as five books. Some others are revising the drafts of their novels that were written during the previous years. A few other plan to start their first rough draft starting next March.

The experienced Mindful Writers claim that the Method leads them to the creative recesses of their minds. It sheds spotlight on intuitive ideas and insights about story line, characters, dialogue and even settings. The discipline helps them penetrate dormant depths of their psyche where infinite potentiality and creativity lay dormant. Memories and experiences surface. Once they are brought to their attention they come alive to the present moment thus making it possible for writers to weave their imagination with personal histories and turn them into literary works.

 Next time you go to your local bookstore or visit Amazon Books or Barnes & Nobles on online, look for the Mindful Authors names: Gwyn Cready, Lori M. Jones, Julie Long, Meredith Mileti,  Kathleen Shoop and Audrey Snyder.

Beginning January 2013, the members of the Group will be my guest writers for this site. You will find them on the Home or Writing & Meditation Pages. About twelve of them will write a monthly piece to share their experiences of writing with the Group. Why they joined the Group and why they like writing with other writers, how has the Method benefited their writing, how  writing helps  their spiritual journey, and finally what has writing to do with meditation. Their experience and insight will help all those interested in writing and meditation to deepen their understanding of this unique discipline.

Wishing you all the most joyous holiday week with family and friends!

  • Thank you madam.
    I have read your advice with great adoration. I know how to meditate before I write. I do concur with you. I have been telling my colegaues in the newsroom that good writing has a lot to do with pyschology.

    In regards to the mentioned authors, I have recorded their names separately and I will soon ‘befriend’ them. I have already seen the work of Gwyn Cready and of Lori M.Jones through their websites.

    Wishing you a Happy New Year.

    December 29, 2012 at 10:55 am

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