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Aftermath of Writing Meditation Method Presentations

Aftermath of Writing Meditation Method Presentations

I returned from Pennwriters 25th Silver Conference last Sunday, exhausted.  However, the conference was an outstanding gathering of award winning professionals and novice writers. The two keynote speakers, Hank Phillipppi Ryan and Maria V. Snyder are  New York Times bestsellers. They shared their own writing journeys with personal humorous anecdotes. Their addresses were not only informative and enlightening but also left us entertained and energized.  

I offered a four-hour Writing Meditation Method seminar and one-hour workshop Writing Meditation After 50. I also pitched my book The Guidebook of Writing Meditation Method to an agent, attended Bobbi Carducci’s workshop “No Means Nothing” and an agent panel moderated by Nancy Martin. Throughout the meeting I met hundreds of writers of all levels and genres.

Once back home, it took me a cycle of three days and nights to overcome the exhaustion caused by attending the four-day conference. My physical and creative energies were drained. I slept longer then usual and went back to the practice of Free Writing and Body, Heart and Mind meditation practice to which I was unable to do full justice during the conference weekend.

I have experienced that the deepest rest is rooted in silence, stillness and solitude. Therefore I follow a cycle of three twenty-four hours of rest (as recommended by meditation retreats) and recharged my batteries. In order to pour my feelings and thoughts on pages, my writer’s voice must be engaged with my unconscious mind. A state of complete exhaustion disengages my conscious mind from my unconscious–the treasure trove of stories, metaphors and symbols. But one cycle of rest through solitude and stillness reconnected me with it. In dreams when I am asleep and in free writing when I am awake. It filled me within and enveloped me without with creative calm.

Muses cannot connect or communicate with me when I am exhausted. They connect when my body, heart and mind are at  peace. The creative energy underneath the absolute calm surfaces. But I am able to experience this only after a cycle of complete rest. This calm is like no other calm.  

Believe in the significance of yourself as a writer and the importance of your writings even when at times they seem to get disconnected or lost. They just go temporarily dormant until you regain your equilibrium.  

 Take care and stay in touch!

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  • nice to have you in my communication again. this article is inspiring in so many ways,
    Elias Mhegera-Dar es Salaam,
    East Africa

    May 31, 2012 at 12:19 am

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