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Seventy-Seventh Chapter

Seventy-Seventh Chapter

Seventy-Seventh Chapter
Tao Te-Ching

Way of the Tao is like the drawing a bow.
The high is lowered, the low is raised.

When it is excessive, it reduces.
When it is insufficient, it supplements.
The mankind is the opposite:
It reduces the deficiency and supplements the surplus.
It strips the needy to serve those who have too much.

Only the one who has the Tao offers his surplus.

The sage keeps giving because there is no end to his wealth.
He acts without expectation,
succeeds without taking credit,
does not think he is better
than anyone else.

As I Understand It:
The way of the Tao maintains balance. When there is surplus, it reduces; when there is deficiency, it increases.

But people do not follow the Way. They are always interested in themselves and do not share their excess. Those who follow the Tao, do.

What can we share if we do not have surplus money or possessions? What about feelings of joy, intellectual prowess, talent, strength or kindness-we can share them with the world. Wherever we see deficiency of abundance, education, health, sobriety, moral strength we can make our personal excess available and increase joyfulness.

Each one of us gets many opportunities to share our excess with others. Be generous. Tip, distribute, donate, gift, give away what you have when you have. Don’t expect any returns. If you still believe that you have nothing to give, offer a prayer, forgive someone, think a good thought-all this does good.

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