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Fifty-Fourth Chapter: Tao-te Ching

Fifty-Fourth Chapter: Tao-te Ching

Fifty-Fourth Chapter
Tao-te Ching

How do I know this is true?
That he who is grounded in the Tao cannot be pulled out.
He who has understanding of the Tao cannot be separated from it.

Generations honor generations.
When virtue is cultivated in the self, it is realized.
When virtue is cultivated in the family, it overflows.
When cultivated in the community, it increases.
When in the country and the world, it abounds.

The virtue of Tao is everywhere.
It becomes everything.
See it as a person.
See it as a family.
See it as a country.
And see it as the world

How do I know this is true?
By seeing within.

As I Understand It:

When we plant ourselves in the Tao we radiate joyful awareness. This consciousness is like a wave of energy that affects not only us but also what is around us. People are attracted to it and it affects them. The change begins to happen in an individual, in the family, neighborhood, the country and eventually the world.

We are not insignificant. Each one of us matters. In the silent space within, the Tao animates every breath. Trust those thoughts and feelings and believe in the vision that you create for yourself. If you don’t have a vision, develop one-small or lofty. See it fulfilled and help change the world.

Whatever we do with deep sincerity it overflows and abounds. So let’s be committed to thoughtfulness and kindness. The energy from one kind act impacts the world. A silent loving thought makes as much difference as an unkind act. Feel this truth within.

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