Fourteenth Chapter:Tao-Te Ching | Madhu Bazaz Wangu
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Fourteenth Chapter:Tao-Te Ching

Fourteenth Chapter:Tao-Te Ching

Fourteenth Chapter:
Tao-te Ching

We look at it and do not see it; its name is The Invisible.
We listen to it and do not hear it; its name is The Inaudible.
We touch it and do not find it; its name is The Subtle (formless).
These three cannot be further inquired into, and hence merge into one.

Going up high, it is not bright, and coming down low, it is not dark
Infinite and boundless, it cannot be given any name;
It reverts to nothingness.
This is called shape without shape,
Form without objects.
It is The Vague and Elusive.
Meet it and you’ll not see its head.
Follow it and you’ll not see its back.

Discover how the Tao energy was from the primeval beginning (of the universe).
This brings us into with harmony with Tao.


As I understand it:

Forever unfolds itself as we live attentively moment-by-moment.
Harmony and peace lie in living within forever with awareness.

Forever is invisible, inaudible and intangible; deeper than our thoughts, deeper than our emotions. In the subtlety of total awareness we are connected to the fundamental oneness of eternity.
We cannot know it but we can be it.
It requires stillness to get a glimpse of oneness.

Our ego connects us with the things of the world: power, positions and possessions.
Awareness of oneness connects us to a harmonious and peaceful life.

Who was I, where was I before I was born? We’re single waves of the eternal river at a particular time and space. The river flows forever, only waves shift.
Let the fear of death flow past. Feel beyond what you see, hear or touch. Unwind in the depths of forever and see the hidden present dance.


Suggested Readings:
Lao Tzu, The Way of Lao Tzu, tr. Wing-Tsit Chan, The Bobbs-Merrill Company, Inc. 1963.

Dyer, Wayne W., Change Your Thoughts – Change Your Life: Living the Wisdom of Tao. Hay House, Inc. 2007.

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