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Madhu Bazaz Wangu

Carnegie Library Beechview

BOOK AND AUTHOR FAIR: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, Beechview

On Saturday, April 8, I’ll be with eight other local authors to discuss the process of writing and publishing. We will talk about how we develop our ideas, what inspires us and our individual paths to publishing. I’ll be delighted if you can attend. Venue: Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh: Beechview 1910Broadway Avenue Pittsburgh 15216 (412) 563-2900 Panel Discussion: 11:00-12:30 Author Meet and Greet: 12:30-1:30 Please join us!...

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Iris van Herpen

Why I Love Pittsburgh: Reason #4: The Museums

Transforming Ideas into Physical Designs Once a year, if not more, an outstanding exhibition at the Carnegie Museum of Arts or Andy Warhol Museum or Carnegie Science Museum affects me intellectually and emotionally, tugs at my heartstrings. Last Sunday such one show mesmerized me by its innovative, transformative and meticulous artworks. The 45 pieces were haute couture garments designed by Iris van Herpen, 32, who blurs the worlds of fashion design, art and science. She has transformed creative ideas into physical replicas using technology and collaborating with scientists and architects. The result is outrageously elegant garments some of which demonstrate beauty, energy and movement, not normally associated with clothing. For the residents of the Steel City, Refinery Smoke (2008) is of special interest. These three dresses billow and defy gravity. They are made with...

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Mindful Meditation CD Fund Goal Achieved

Thank you so much to all of you for donating to my campaign and helping me reach the goal. The recording of the CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings and Thoughts is set for today. I'll keep you informed about the progress.

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Jade Leone Blackwater’s Interview with Madhu Bazaz Wangu

Jade Leone Blackwater is a writer, artist, and brand consultant from the Pacific Northwest. She's the owner of the Brainripples studio, specializing in branding, marketing, and content strategy for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Her writing appears in Wild River Review, Line Zero, The Monongahela Review, as well as technical, trade, and scientific resources for popular audiences.  ...

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Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts

    I am raising money to make my second CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers II: Sensations, Feelings, Thoughts. Please see the testimonials of the people whose creative life has been transformed by using my first CD, Meditations for Mindful Writers: Body, Heart, Mind. If you would like to donate here is the link: “Madhu Wangu is a patient, clear and creative teacher. She simplified meditation for me she said, ‘To meditate is to breathe. Just pay attention to your breath and feel your inner body.’ Too simple, surely; but not too easy.”  –Maryalice Meli  Not only have my meditations and mindful writing practice changed my own craft and enriched my work, they’ve influenced many writers across the world. Here’s one glimpse into the meditations I’ve created and want to bring to market through this campaign: On...

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New Year Plate, 2017

Happy New Year, 2017!

Wishing the Mindful Writers, Facebook friends and family members a year filled with health, inner happiness and gratitude. May you take an inward journey in 2017 that reveals your deepest desire, helps you discover your authentic self and indestructible inner treasures. Here are photos of this year’s Navreh Thals, New Year Plates. They include our Thal and our daughters’ Thals. A cornucopia of symbolic items, the plate is placed in the kitchen to be carefully looked at the first thing in the morning of January 1 and internalize its message. Each plate is filled with grains of uncooked rice symbolizing sustenance and abundance. Two small bowls, nestled in the rice, are filled with milk and yogurt. The transformation from milk to yogurt symbolizes technique, time and patience it takes, like making yogurt,...

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Alleviating Holiday Stress

The most enjoyable time, as well as the most stressful time, of the year is almost here. Let’s have lots of fun and stress less. At a recent gathering while enjoying an after dinner tête-à-tête, one person blurted out ‘Mindfulness, shindefulness! As if I don’t have enough stress, now you expect me to add mindfulness to the heap of tasks I must do!’ Most of you know the practice of meditation that results in mindfulness is exact opposed of stress. It alleviates stress. Here is a tip for bringing peace and joy into your days of shopping, cooking, entertaining, warmth and what not. Just for five minutes (time yourself) sit comfortably at a place where you can be alone, (even if it is in the bathroom). Use earplugs to decrease noise. Focus on...

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An Evening with Art and Inspiration International

A few weeks ego, William Rock organized an evening of creativity and ideas at the Shaler North Hills Library. William is a prolific painter and sculptor who presided at the event. Known as Art and Inspiration International the Thursday evening’s affair is attended by interested and articulate audience. Musicians, artists and writers offer imaginative and creative presentations. On November 3, Kathryn Bashaar (The Saint’s Mistress) and I were the presenters. Kathryn discussed her debut novel, The Saint’s Mistress, the story that breathes life into the previously untold story of Saint Augustine’s beloved mistress Leona, a North African peasant. I talked about my debut novel The Immigrant Wife: Her spiritual Journey, the story of Shanti Bamzai, a young woman who dares to follow her heart and fulfill her dream of becoming an artist. Here...

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Our plane landed in Lhasa, Tibet, the “roof of the world.” Kelsang our guide, and Tensing the driver drove us to Hotel Shangri La; the name James Hilton gave Tibet in his 1933 novel, Lost Horizon. We drove over Lhasa River, through the heart of the capital city as sky-touching-mountain-peaks came to sight. Tibet shares Mt. Everest and the towering peaks with Nepal. Below, Lhasa River was flowing lazily under late morning sun. Over the bridge, rainbow-colored flags fluttered in the breeze. Kelsang suggested we take it easy on the first day lest we suffer altitude sickness. (Altitude of Lhasa 11, 450’) We had planned to walk through the town! Once in our hotel room we became aware of slight dizziness, heart thumping and trouble breathing. Each time we stood up or...

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